Michigan Cyclocross State Championship - December 5th, 2015

Just 10 days to go until the Michigan Cyclocross State Championship race, presented by Advantage Benefits Group.  The winner in each category will receive the State Champion CX Jersey as well as USAC medals for the top three.  If that's not enough to draw you West, this race will also count as double points in the MiCX State Cyclocross Series. Other highlights include the Rockford Brewing Beer Tent - with 4 beer choices on tap - and the Alger Bikes Flyover.  The event is less than 1/2 a mile from the Merrill Trail and within 3 miles of Luton Park.  
Online registration closes next Wednesday, December 2, at 6:00 PM! There will be a $5 late fee for registration day-of.  To find out more, please see the race flier or visit www.michigancx.com

A salute to the volunteers at Fall Fury CX

Hats off to Nate Phelps, Kim Thomas, and the volunteers working with Central District Cyclery for the remediation work they've done at Wilcox Park after Fall Fury CX.  After some torrential rains on Saturday there was a bit of turf damage, but they were able to rake and re-seed the park even before the WOODTV article was published. You might be able to see the path of the CX course until the snow falls, but we know from previous races that turf usually heals in the early spring.  

It's hard to promote cycling races and news reports like the one on WOODTV 8 make it a little bit harder.  Some of you might have heard some rumors that Detroit Day 2 at Belle Isle was canceled.  It's not, but that race was forced to move to Addison Oaks due to concerns about turf damage.  Cyclists need to be good stewards to maintain access to these parks and we should all give a round of applause to the Grand Rapids crew that came out on Monday to repair the damage done.  A lot of the work involved in MBRA and USA Cycling events is pretty thankless so let me just say this - thank you all for inviting us to Grand Rapids last weekend and doing this and the other things to give us great venues and events in Michigan.  -HE


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Mt Brighton CX - October 3rd

Come get your CX fix this Saturday at Mt Brighton Ski Resort (4141 Bauer Rd., Brighton, MI 48116).  Online registration is open, but closes Thursday at midnight and day-of registration is available for $5 more.  Note that the start times are earlier than some of the other MiCX series races so make sure you checkout the race flier before you hit the road.  


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View from the top of the climb.  You'll definitely be getting some cardio!