Call in Details for Annual Meeting

We will be live streaming and recording the annual meeting using Go To Meeting.  You can use the login details below to access the live meeting.

On the web: 

On the phone: (872) 240-3212

Access Code: 230-403-021

Annual Meeting Update + Elections

The MBRA Annual Race Promoter Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, January 31, 2016 and will take place at the University of Michigan Duderstadt Center in Ann Arbor, MI.  Room #1180.  


10:00 AM - Welcome and Recap of 2015
10:30 AM - MBRA Financial Overview 
11:00 AM - Road Race Series / Calendar
12:00 PM - Break for Lunch / Open Discussion
1:00 PM - CX Race Series / Calendar
2:00 PM - State Championship Requirements
3:00 PM - Open Board Positions / Elections
3:30 PM - Women's Racing / Clinics

At the meeting, MBRA will be holding elections for the following positions: Executive Director, Director of Women’s Programs, Secretary, Road Coordinator, Cyclocross Coordinator, and MTB Coordinator. Below are descriptions and job responsibilities. If you wish to run or re-run for one of these positions please submit a detailed application to Lucas Wall ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) and list the following in your email.

 Position you are running for:
 City of residence: 
 Years involved in cycling (event promotion, racing, officiating, etc.)
 Platform/Why you’re running:

Please submit your application by 5:00pm on January 27th.
A detailed voting procedure will be included once applications have been received and posted. Elections will take place at the MBRA Annual Meeting on January 31st or absentee via email. Each position is for a term period of three years. You must be a Michigan resident to run for a position. All elected officers are required to call in/attend MBRA board meetings and special events. 

 President/Executive Director 
This is the overall director position and is responsible for overseeing programs of the MBRA. The Executive Director shall preside at all meetings of the Association, appoint committee chairpersons, and represent the Association in dealings with other organizations.This position is currently held by Harvey Elliott.
 Director of Women's Programs 
Oversees the development of women's racing in Michigan. Position is a liaison to racers and works with race promoters to support womens racing. This position is currently held by Laura Melendez.
The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all executive board and membership meetings, maintain all non-financial records of association, maintain membership records, and coordinate voting in elections. This position is currently unfilled.   
 Road Coordinator 
This position is responsible for revising and publishing the road series rules, evaluating road events for inclusion in the series, coordinating the road calendar, and scoring the series. This position is new and currently unfilled. 

 Cyclocross Coordinator 

This position is responsible for revising and publishing the cyclocross series rules, evaluating cyclocross events for inclusion in the series, coordinating the cyclocross calendar, and scoring the series. This position is new and currently unfilled. 

 Mountain Bike Coordinator

This position is responsible for coordinating events with the Michigan Mountain Biking Association and IMBA Chapters in the State of Michigan. This role is intended to encourage MTB events to permit through USA Cycling and to serve as a liaison with the community. We want to avoid conflicts with and to support MTB events where possible. This position is new and currently unfilled. 

Harvey Elliott
MBRA, Interim Director

Annual Race Promoter Meeting - January 31, 2016

Save the date for the annual MBRA race promoters meeting on January 31, 2016.  We will confirm the location and agenda of the meeting shortly.  In the meantime, racers should refer to the preliminary calendar below to plan their Road Season.  



Weekend of: Friday Saturday Sunday
1-Apr Beginning Racer Program
8-Apr Beginning Racer Program
15-Apr Beginning Racer Program
22-Apr Beginning Racer Program
29-Apr Willow TT Beginning Racer Program
6-May Kent ISD Crit
13-May Cone-Azalia RR
27-May Frankenmuth RR
10-Jun Mt. Pleasant TT/RR/Crit
17-Jun Zeeland Grand Rapids Crit (TBC) Meijer State Games TT
24-Jun Herman-Miller Brickyard Crit
8-Jul BTR Crit Maple Hill RR
15-Jul Hines Park TT
22-Jul Capital City Crit
5-Aug Cherry Roubaix RR
12-Aug Raisin Valley RR (TBC)
26-Aug Debaets-Devos Crit
9-Sep Uncle John's Gravel