Adjustments to the CCCC

Please note the following updates to the CCCC race schedule for Saturday August 2nd.  Go review the new flyer on the USA Cycling site for full details. 
1.  The women's race has been combined to 1/2/3 
2.  The men's 1/2/3 race has been lengthened to 75 minutes 
3.  A separate payout for Cat 4 riders has been added to the men's 3/4 race 
4.  Additional payout and places has been added to the Masters55 race

Register now. Race Saturday. 

Racing Tip: Ride in the Drops

The more time you spend riding the indoor trainer, the more likely you are to develop the habit of riding on the hoods. It's much more comfortable. You can see the TV better.

But there are several reasons why you need to ride in the drops while riding in a pack. Riding in the drops will improve your aerodynamics and allow you to get more benefit from drafting. But the bigger reason to ride low is to lower your center of gravity. This will make you MUCH more stable and give you much better control of your bike. You will negotiate corners better. Riding in the drops will also put your fingers closer to the brake levers, and give you better leverage when braking and allow you to push the bike forward when braking hard. Riding here will also prevent you from getting your bars hooked with the rider next to you.

Riding on the hoods is certainly more comfortable. You can breathe better. You can see the road better. It doesn't hurt your neck and back. But it's not giving you optimum control. 

And if the riders around you want you to have anything, it's optimum control of your bike. 

Last Call: 2014 HinesTT - Reg ends Thurs July 24

The 2014 Hines Park Time Trial will be held on Sunday July 27th at Hines Park (Helms Haven Picnic Shelter this year). This is an event in the Michigan Challenge Series! Mail in registration is now closed. On-line registration ends Tuesday July 22nd. On-line late registration ends Thursday July 24th. There is no possibility to sign up after that time and there will be NO DAY OF EVENT REGISTRATION. Please sign up now, THIS IS IT!! 

A link is at to take you to where on-line registration is available.

This event is open to all racers and tourists. This is the Race of Truth, yourself against the clock; give it a try! 

Challenge Series Points Leaders

Points updated through Hines Drive Time Trial (2014-07-27)