2016/2017 Annual Meeting

Save the date for our annual race promoters meeting on December 10, 2016!


Planning to host a USA Cycling race in 2016?  Please plan to attend the annual Michigan race promoters meeting on Saturday, December 10 in Ann Arbor, MI.  We will begin at 10AM with the live meeting at:


University of Michigan Duderstadt Center 

2281 Bonisteel Boulevard, Room #1180


If you are unable to attend in person, we will be live streaming with Join.Me at: 



Proposed Agenda:

  • USAC fee structure for 2017
  • Discussion of potential changes to Michigan Challenge Series 
  • Approval of the 2017 Road Series/Calendar
  • Approval of the 2017 CX Series/Calendar
  • Creation of several new positions on the MBRA Executive Board, elections for open positions.  


Detailed agenda to be released next week.  


Harvey Elliott

MBRA, Executive Director